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2018 Bucket-List: Australia’s Most Instagrammed Locations!

We love the ‘gram, you love the ‘gram, in fact, there’s something about Australia that brings out the inner ‘grammar in all of us, as photogenic scenes, cities and must-sees play for poll position on travel feeds and social media stories. If you’re not sure where to start in planning your Aussie getaway, there’s no better inspiration location than the amateur photography feeds of your fellow travellers and snap-happy Aussies. Strap yourself in and get ready for a visual vacation… who knows, Instagram may be the kick-start you need to make those Australia self-drive holiday plans a reality this year.

10. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne


Melbourne’s Graffiti Art

Melbourne has long been lauded as the cultural centre of Australia, attracting travellers of all stripes to its photo-friendly streets and famously graffitied alleys. The National Gallery is one of the most popular places to snap a photo of…yourself, looking at art? All of the cool kids are doing it, young, old and in-between, so there’s no harm in letting you know!

9. Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne

Nothing screams Australian more than a cricket match and a meat pie at the MCG. Even if you don’t quite understand the game, you’ll still be carried away by the atmosphere and good vibes of the other spectators. Pick a team, cheer and boo – you’ll find yourself snapping up a happy storm in no time.

8. South Bank, Brisbane



South Bank is one of Australia’s most captured Queensland Instagram locations, with manicured lawns, striking gardens, a maze of markets and restaurants aplenty to tantalise even the pickiest tastebuds. It’s the perfect place to spend the day without diving into the Brisbane CBD.

7. St Kilda Beach, Melbourne

Ahhh, St Kilda. Nothing beats a fresh serve of fish and chips as the tide comes in. A real must for anybody visiting the Victorian capital, it’s little wonder this photogenic beauty pops at number seven on the list. Treat yourself to a trinket or two at the local markets.

6. Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast


Surfers Paradise

Located smack dab in the middle of the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise beckons Queensland-bound beach-goers to its sandy, laid-back shores, promising all sorts of delights – family friendly and otherwise! Add whale-watching to-do list in spring, as thousands of Humpbacks make their annual migration.

5. Sydney Harbour, Sydney

You knew it was coming. Iconic and beautiful, even on a dark, windy day, Sydney Harbour defies most camera lenses by being even better in real life. Visiting in May or June? Check out Vivid, a truly spectacular city-wide display.

4. Manly Beach, Sydney


Manly Beach

Hop on the Manly ferry from Circular Quay and enjoy the gorgeous crossing, gliding past the Opera House and a few key landmarks before terminating on the doorstep of Manly Beach. Lined with shops, bars and restaurants, it’s easy to spend a day here.

3. Darling Harbour, Sydney

Darling Harbour lies in the heart of the city, a short walk from the majestic Town Hall and Queen Victoria Building. There’s activities aplenty to suit every budget, from the Chinese Gardens to the SeaLife Aquarium and a collection of clever fountains (perfect for cooling off on a hot day) – there’s more to this harbour than the mirror-like surface of the water.

2. Sydney Opera House, Sydney


Sydney Opera House

Instagram is abuzz with pic after pic of the Sydney Opera House. It’s nothing short of glorious, inside and out – make sure you get a snap on the steps and book a tour to find out more about this stunning chapter in Sydney’s architectural history.

1. Bondi Beach, Sydney

And first place goes to… Bondi. We’re not even a little bit surprised. Why? Well, just look at it:


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